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Sewing Pattern

< The concept of Hoodie's Fabrics.

< Hoodie's designs and colors can go to any of my group's

of fabrics.

< Combination of new fabrics and your leftovers, you can

enjoy more and more.

< Don't waste your fabrics!


Introducing more info. on my blog - Hoodie's Land.


Cutie Pie
Hoodie's Fabrics are selling at Hoodie in the box.

2008(July release) - 2010 (January release)



Fabric designs on Mugs, Cards, Shoes, T-Shirts, and more / Rumba designs are on their products already!
Some of designs are already discontinued for wholesale.

Wholesale --------------------------- Contact Blank Quilting. Toll Free: 1-888-442-5265


Morning Call
Casting Cats
Hoodie's Christmas
Spring Fever
Sparkling Paris